Saturday, July 14, 2007


This is roughly how it will look like,
but of course we are going to put more mini books and decorations in it.
The centre is telling the 8 phylums of invetebrates.
At the left is the Mollusks book, Arthropods book is at the right.

This is how they look before pasting onto the lapbook.

The Arthropods book (yellow & pink) is folded up and kept in the blue envolope.



This is the inside of the Mollusks book,

now mommy is learning new words..... pod means leg.

Here Gastropods (snails & slugs) means stomach legs (they "walk" with their stomach !!!!!)

and Cephalopods (octopuses) means head foot (hmm.... a bunch of legs stucked to a head !!)



We are now making some mini books to put into our 1st lapbook.

I came across the word "lapbooks" a few months ago but just didn't care much about it

until last week when I browse through some homeschool blogs and saw these attractive photos

of lapbooks done by some children.

I was so impressed and suddenly everything just click!!

We are doing invertebrates these 2 weeks VERY slow because

I want XP to really understand and not just go through it as I did in school.

So we did a phylum one day and everything went well until we came to Mollusks and Arthropods.

There are devided into so many classes that we just couldn't seems to squeeze everything into that 2-lines space.

So now.... mini books came to the rescue, we made one Mollusks book and one Arthropods book.

Now we can combine crafts into daily homeschool works

and I don't have to crack my head thinking what craft to do.



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