Saturday, June 21, 2008


KLCA (Kuala Lumpur College of Art) is no more existed after 2002.
It was founded by our principal Mr. Cheah Yew Saik in 1968.
It was a very special college and I really miss it.
I used to visit it even years after I'd graduated.
I spent a total of four years there,
one year of foundation course,
two years of fine arts
and another year of pottery & sculpture.
First year, we had to learn everything,
from photography to graphic design,
from watercolour painting to charcoal/pencil sketching,
from silkscreen printing to packaging design,
from art history to art movement,
from art appreciation to principles of art,
from perspective to colours to balancing to composition...........
Second year, the class separated to two classes,
I'd chosen fine arts, some prefered commercial arts.
For these two years we concentrated mostly on
oil painting and art appreciation.
Then I graduated,
this is the painting I did for my graduation exhibition.

The painting was 5 feet x 7 feet,
there was an 8 feet tall wooden sculpture in front of it
(a black & white striped "wardrobe" with a red-light lighted drawer at its centre)
accopanied by about 50 small white figures with different actions
(like those in the painting),
some in the drawer, some on the floor,
but all "looking" at you.
BUT I've forgotten to take photo!!
Really regreted!!
Four years after my graduation,
I went back for another year of pottery & sculpture course.
imagine that......
all these things we 'd learned,
all the courses we'd took,
KLCA only charged us RM90 per month!!
We started class at 8.30am,
class over at 1pm,
but students were allowed to stay back to do their works until late night,
some even slept in the college,
used all the facilities,
not counting how much electricity they used,
and we paid only RM90!!!
Imagine that !!!!
Although in different classes and different levels,
most students knew each others.
We shared the big hall,
at the same time there might be 2 to 3 classes in the hall doing different thing -
mostly still life drawing or figure drawing.
So the juniors learned from the seniors,
good and bad things..... :-D
Sigh....... really miss all these.