Sunday, September 12, 2010

History of China

I choose to teach China's history with Chinese books instead of English,
but to source the books is troublesome.
I have to go to various bookstores and read through the books,
make dicisions which books to use.
With all these effort I am still not satisfy with what I've found.
For now I just do the best with what I have.
My knowledge of China history is mostly from story books,
and don't know much about the history before Ming Dynasty,
so I use this set of books to help me plan my schedule.
The books are not written for children,
I need to do a lot of amendment and explaination
while reading aloud to XP.
The whole set of books
starting from legendary to Qing Dynasty,
basically my spine books for now.
I also use various history-related story books for children
to help XP understand more.
Here are some books I am using now.
These are the books I plan to use in the future
but many of them are not as good as I though,
So I am still going from bookstore to bookstore to search.

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