Friday, September 17, 2010

Murderous Maths

After doing 5 years of Singapore Maths,
I finally got fed up with its slow pace and all the repetations,
a few months ago I started to turn my attention to living maths.
I decided to use the books in Murderous Maths series
by Kjartan Poskitt.
Since we stopped at Algebra in Singapore Maths,
so I continued with Algebra using The Phantom X.
I prepared some worksheets to go along with the book.

And some extra sums to do,
got them from Singapore Math Secondary 4.
I am surprised that with the correct book and method
even an 11 year old can do mathematic much higher than her grade.

I stopped after finishing quadratic equation,
I wanted to keep the graph-drawing later.
Now we are using Savage Shape,
there is no calculation in this book,
all we do is draw with set squares and compass.

Here XP drew triangles in semicircles
to show that the angles are always 90 degree.

"Drawing" a semicircle with the 90-degree angle of a set square.

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