Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cat Library & Glazedmud Studio

Children books.

Art books on the top shelves,
English story books below - in alphabetical order.

Books on pottery and crafts.

Pop-up books.

Books for moms - cooking, sewing and crafts.
Toys at the bottow shelves.

View from the entrance,
left shelves are mainly Horrible Series Books,
Right shelves are Chinese books and Science books.

Chinese books above,
Science books below.

Entrance to the upper floor.

The waiting area for moms.

Basins to wash brushes and palettes.

The art area.

The tables for art class.

Entrance to the art area.

Part of the art history timeline.

The timeline of art history, will add in timeline figures slowly.

The Cat Library,
the shelves in front of the curtains are filled with
history books, biographies, books on cultures and countries,
literature magazines, art, music, living maths..... books.

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