Saturday, January 15, 2011

some changes

Lately there are some changes in our homeschool -
1. I made XP plan out her weekly schedule.
(she doesn't like it, but I think she needs to learn this)
2. We use videos almost everyday.
(XP learns better by watching videos, I downloaded documentaries from Youtube
and science/mathematic videos from Khan Academy)
3. Chores, music and art are as important as school.
(no excuses like "I am reading" when asked to do chores)
4. One notebooking page every school day.
(learns to jot down notes while reading or watching videos
and later put them into paragraphs)
5. Learn only ONE subject at a time.
(for example:
in one week we read the chapter on gases in The World of Chemistry,
watched videos The Discovery of Elements,
and did notebooking pages on Cavendish, Rutherford, Priestly and Berzelius;
the following week we did The Mycenaen Culture)

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